Studio pics I 2023 
Made from clay and found objects. Layers of paint, wax, pencil, ink. 

A play for one day I Leopoldskazerne, Gent (2023)
Made from clay and found objects I layers of paint and marblegrit

Five types of support  I At the studio, Meigem (2022)
Made of little bricks'- clay- found objects I layers op paper, pencil, paint

Het verhalen - Narration  I Onderdelen-parts  (2021-2022)
SOLO presentation- 2022, Poortesloge , Bruges (BE) (a selection)
Made of clay- with subtle layers of ink and paint and wax

Alleen maar niet alleen - Alone but not alone I  Wander- Fences - happy armour - the mental supports (2020-2021)

A selection of funny and sad  I  Togetherness 

Experimenten in de heropleving van organismen - Experiments in the revival of organisms (2020 -2021)